A high-ranking on search engines like Google is a top priority for all companies, but how achievable is it? Google have recently revised their SEO criteria. It is, therefore, very important that you keep up to date or risk finding yourself on the bottom rung!

There is a school of thought that SEO Copywriting involves placing as many “key words and phrases” within your text to trick the search engines into giving you a high listing. Although this may have worked five years ago it certainly won’t help you now. Today’s search engine criteria calls for a much more subtle approach.

This includes placing one or two keywords in your text to appear normal and unnoticeable to the reader. This with well written, informative, newsworthy and original copy will stand a far better chance of being placed in a favourable position by the search engines.

If your copy includes excerpts from other internet sites and sources it will receive a very poor rating, and in some extreme situations could be penalised.

It is, therefore, very important that your copy is fresh and original. So if SEO copywriting is not your strong point it is seriously worth considering outsourcing the writing to a professional copywriter. As the return on investment you will receive from more hits on your site will pay for the copywriter ten times over.

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