Have you ever considered starting your own B2B newsletter to communicate with your customer base and draw new users to your website?

Is it still on the back-burner due to other work commitments?

Are you concerned about the commitment to come up with stimulating newsletter copy on a regular basis?

Newsletter copywriting can be outsourced to a B2B copywriter for a minimum fee. The cost involved will be paid back ten times over for the opportunity to keep in touch with your prospects and clients in the most unobtrusive way.

If you can give them useful information and news, which will help them to attract and convert more clients and keep them up to date with developments in their industry, they will look forward to receiving it every week. The added bonus is that it will also give you the opportunity to remind them of your existence and keep them updated on your product and services.

It’s a proven fact that prospects sometimes need three to four reminders before buying from you so this is an ideal way of keeping them in the loop.

It is very easy to set up as there are many templates available on the web. There is also software available to help you manage the subscribe and unsubscribe requests functionality, and very efficient email marketing service providers such as Mail Chimp and Aweber to manage your database and send out your e-newsletters for you.

It is also a very efficient way of capturing contact details of prospective clients. You could offer a free e-book or the chance to win something as an incentive for them to subscribe.


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