According to Wikipedia “Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The reader of the copy is persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares”.

In the case of B2B (business to business) products and services are sold from one company to another, as opposed to being sold directly to the end-user as in B2C (business to consumer).

Essentially, a B2B copywriter is someone who specialises in writing “words that sell”, and who can turn mundane “just acceptable” words and sentences into powerful, persuasive copy that connects with readers and compels them to act. This is not a skill that is learnt overnight. It takes many years of business to business writing to perfect.

It is very easy for businesses to feel that they could and should be writing their own copy for their website, brochures and other sales materials. In fact one of my customers explained that they had spent a month writing their own copy for their first website. During this time they had focussed all of their efforts on writing copy and it had completely taken over their lives.

This meant that they were distracted from their core business activities necessary to build their business and gain new customers. At the end of the month they had finally finished their website but still had no clients.

Two months later they had only received a few enquiries through it and finally came to me through a recommendation. I was able to rewrite the copy for them and their business has now taken off. The moral of this story is that although it is tempting to think that by doing it yourself it will save you money, in the long run it could actually cost you time, money and customers. A good B2B copywriter can bring a fresh perspective to any business, and can become a critical member of your team.

How can a copywriter help you?

  • Is your current website persuading enough readers to enquire about or buy your products and services?
  • Are your email sales letters being opened, read and acted upon?
  • How about your printed sales materials and brochures, are they working?
  • Do you need a presence on social media like facebook and linkedin?
  • Perhaps you may have realized that writing just isn’t your strength, and you would prefer to outsource it to a professional copywriter.




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