B2B (Business to Business) Website Copywriting

Your website is your shop windwebsite copywritingow to the world so it is vitally important to make sure that it’s attractive, well laid out and that the words grab your reader’s attention.

I specialise in persuasive website copywriting that will engage your readers and compel them to act.

Here are a few website copywriting tips that will make sure your visitors click on and not off your site!



Layout planning is particularly important and you need to know what your site will look like in different browsers with different screen sizes. Make sure that the most important information is viewable in the top part of the screen without having to scroll down.

Inverted Pyramid

Ensure that the most important benefits of your offering such as who, what, when, where and why are at the top of your page to grab your reader’s attention and compel them to read on.


Although you are addressing business readers they are still human and prefer a lively, conversational and informal style written in the active voice. This will also make your writing more concise.


You can write the most compelling copy but if your headlines don’t inspire your readers to click-through they will not read it! Ask questions, be creative.

Make it Easy to Skim Read 

Business readers have time constraints and want to get to the facts as quickly as possible. If your copy is difficult to read you will lose them.

  • Break up the copy with sub headings, images, bullet points and bold type text
  • Use short punchy sentences and paragraphs to hold their attention
  • Avoid flowery language and use simple words and expressions that are easy to read
  • Try to avoid jargon and corporate speak unless necessary

Introduce Urgency, Scarcity and a Call to Action

If you’re promoting a conference or exhibition you can mention that there are only a few places remaining, or that the special offer ends on a certain date. A clear and compelling call to action is a must on every page of your site.

Case Studies

Incorporate stories into your articles giving examples of how different organizations have benefited from using your products and services. This will engage your readers and give you credibility. The aim of your writing style is that a visitor to your site feels a sense of positive emotion on finding it.

Support Your Claims

Include research and statistical information from respected sources to give yourself credibility. Use client’s testimonials to back up what you have said.


These are important tools for both your readers and your SEO. The reader clicks a link to another part of your site or another respected site to find more information, allowing you to keep your articles short and to the point, and easier to skim.

It’s important to make sure that the link opens in a new window or tab so that they can then return to the original page or risk losing them!


Getting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) right is critical to your website and businesses success, and SEO Copywriting plays a very important part in achieving that success.

Google have made it very clear that they are giving listing priority to fresh, well written and informative copy over keywords placement. It is therefore crucial that the SEO Copywriting of your website is given a high priority to avoid sinking to the bottom of the rankings.

How Can I Help You?

Website Copywriting is a highly skilled and creative side of B2B copywriting and I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about writing the copy for your new website or enhancing your existing website’s copy. Contact Me Now to discuss your requirements or for a fixed rate quote.