B2B (Business to Business) SEO Copywriting Services

Implementing an up-SEO Copywriting Servicesto-date B2B SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy is critical to the success of your website and business, and SEO Copywriting is the key to that success.

SEO Copywriting is not about cramming keywords within the pages of your website.

Search engines like Google are giving priority to informative, original, well written and fresh copywriting.

SEO Copywriting is now about writing copy so compelling that other websites want to promote it. Well researched knowledgeable articles that offer genuine insight into a subject will always receive more shares and links.

Where do Businesses look for Products and Services?

According to a recent October, 2013 State of Demand Generation Report by Pardot based in Atlanta, 71% of businesses typically start their research for a business purchase on Google.

Other online research sources include:

  • 15.58%  Personal Networks
  • 5.53%    Yahoo
  • 2.76%    Bing
  • 2.51%    LinkedIn
  • 2.01%    Social Networks

It is therefore critical that your website adheres to Google’s strict SEO criteria to avoid ending up at the bottom of the listings.

How can I help yoSEO Copywritingu with your SEO Copywriting?

I have many years experience in writing the type of compelling B2B SEO copywriting that Google requires.

I do not have an “out of the box” SEO copywriting services solution and will customise my writing style and tone to suit your particular needs, requirements and goals.

Call me now on 020 7993 8338 for a no obligation chat on how I can help you to make sure your web content is appearing at the top of the search rankings. Alternatively, if you prefer email you can contact me here.