B2B (Business to Business) Sales Letter Copywriting

Although the web and emsales letter copywritingail are the most cost-effective methods of reaching your target audience, sales letters with a brochure or flyer are still receiving the highest response rates.

However, sales letter copywriting is challenging, distracting and time-consuming. It’s  therefore important to follow a few basic rules to insure your letter’s opened, read and acted upon.

Get straight to the point!

It’s no good just saying how good your product or service is and going into detail about its features. It’s important that you identify a problem that they have and offer them a solution. Tell them the key benefits of your product or service and how it is going to help them to work more effectively or save money.

Connect with your reader

You should also try to get into the mind-set of the people who you are targeting. What type of business are they? What type of people? So that you can decide the right tone and style to use to connect with them.

Get their attention

Use a short punchy headline or sentence at the beginning of your letter to grab their attention and compel them to read on, as they will normally only take 2 seconds to decide.

Keep them engaged  

Break the body copy down into short paragraphs and sentences and use headings and sub headings to make it more attractive and easier to read. It should also be full of the necessary hooks and grabbers to hold their attention and interest, and compel them to act.

Keep it simple!

Don’t write in a language that is difficult to read, and if you can say what you want to say in 50 words rather than 100 then do so.

Create a sense of urgency

Use deadlines and offers to spur them into action.

Use customer references

Include testimonials from customers to give yourself credibility.

Powerful call to action

Ask for their custom!  Make it easy for them to be able to say “Yes”! Whichever method you choose: to call you; email you; complete a form or visit your website. Make sure they understand what you want them to do next.

Don’t forget a compelling post script

A P.S. is one of the most important parts of a B2B Sales letter, and is sometimes what your readers will read first! Use it to remind them of a special offer, or to create urgency with a deadline or limited availability.

How I can help you?

I have written a number of very successful sales letters for both direct mailings and email attachments, and I know what it takes to engage the reader and persuade them to take action. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a recent sales letter that went out to new businesses offering bespoke website services.

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