B2B (Business to Business) Email Copywriting

Email marketinemail copywritingg is one of the most targeted and cost-effective methods of communicating a message to your audience.

Whether it be a product or service promotion, special offer, announcement, newsletter or seminar invitation. A well written email will always have impact and get results.

However, it will be competing for attention with every other email in the recipients inbox. It is therefore imperative that your headline is relevant and engaging, and that the body copy is persuasive enough to compel them to act. Each sentence must have as much impact as the next to hold the reader’s attention.

There are a number of other important attributes that will enhance your email copywriting such as:

  • bullet points
  • bold type text
  • testimonials
  • persuasive call to action
  • compelling PS (postscript) at the bottom

How can I help you with your email copywriting?

I have many years of experience of writing B2B emails that gets opened, read and acted upon, and would relish the opportunity to compose yours. I also have hands-on experience of developing and instigating B2B email marketing campaigns. For examples of my recent email copywriting please see the portfolio page of my website.

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