Once you have built up a mailing list of “opted in” prospects and clients, reaching them through email marketing is extremely cost-effective, as you are cutting out the design, print, mailing house middle men, normally associated with direct mail. However, this list must be continually kept up to date with “opted out” and change of address of contacts before each use.

Even when you are emailing your own database there will still be a large percentage of recipients who will not open your email to read your offering. So what can you do to rectify this situation? What day of the week and time of day are you sending your emails? Are you using a third-party mailer?  Has you IP address been blocked by any internet service providers?

Email marketing is complex undertaking fraught with potential hurdles to overcome but done properly it can produce very positive results for very little investment of time and money.

The first and most important part of your email is the heading so getting it right is absolutely critical. You will have a second for the recipients to decide whether to open or delete it, so a short punchy sentence will have the most impact.

The body copy of the email must be attractively laid out with plenty of white space and the first sentence and paragraph should be full of benefits and hooks to compel the reader to read to the end and respond to the call to action at the bottom of the page.

Although, you will of course receive responses to your first email marketing campaign the majority will need to receive a further two or three updates and reminders before acting. Emails are a productive and lucrative way of developing your business.

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