Having customer reviews of your company’s products and services on your google business listing on google search and google maps will have a major impact on how you’re perceived by future customers and will also boost your google ranking.

Potential customers want to see what others have said about you before contacting you. It’s also important that you stand out from your competitors.

You may be fortunate enough to be receiving unsolicited customer reviews on a weekly basis. However, if this is not the case there is no harm in being proactive and asking for a review.

Requesting Reviews from Customers

Future customers – ask verbally if they would be happy to write a few words and follow-up by email or text to remind them.

Past customers – send an email or text to all of your repeat customers and any others that you know were happy with your services. It’s obviously not a good idea to send your request to anyone who might write something negative.

Thank them for their custom and tell them how much you value them as clients. Explain that your goal is to provide the very best service and that you’re always looking for ways to improve. Ask them for a few minutes of their time to give their feedback as it will allow you to improve your service.

Make It Easy for Them to Respond

The last thing you want is your valuable customers spending unnecessary extra time completing this request, so make it easy for them to do so. Include a hyperlink to the review section of your google business listing in your request.

You can also add a sentence to your email signature (with a hyperlink), which will automatically appear in all correspondence and act as a permanent prompt if you forget to ask for a review.