Property buyers and sellers attend seminars and exhibitions for a number of reasons. To find out about new properties, to network and research, and to meet new customers.

At a seminar or conference there will be opportunities for property buyers and sellers to network during the refreshment and lunch breaks, and possibly at a cocktail reception at the end of the day.

Exhibitors are reliant on potential customers making the effort to visit their stands, and can spend a lot of time speaking to people who may not be relevant.

A number of exhibition organisers have introduced appointment systems to try and overcome this problem. However, even if an appointment has been made there is still no guarantee that the customer will turn up, or that they will necessarily fit the buyers customer profile.

It is still very much a numbers game and if 50 people visit the stand statistics show that as little as 2% may become customers.

A matchmaking event is very different and has many advantages over the traditional property exhibition and seminar model. The organisers spend a lot of time prior to the event qualifying the relevance and credibility of both the property buyers and sellers, who will be attending, to make sure they fit each other’s chosen criteria.

This is no small undertaking and months of preparation has to take place to build a database of relevant, qualified people to make sure an appropriate match can take place.

Instead of wandering around a large exhibition hall looking for relevant property companies, the buyers are matched with developers and agents, who offer properties of the type, price range and geographical area of their choosing, for pre-arranged one-to-one meetings.

This is a valuable process that maximises the time of both […]